Guide to Covid Tests in Israel – How to get tested and when a test is needed

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Wondering how and when you need to get a Covid Test if you are planning a trip to Israel? Currently getting tested while traveling to Israel is still important and required to keep track of the spread of Covid-19. This applies whether you are vaccinated or not. After a year and a half of social distancing, mask-wearing, and Zooming, life is slowly starting to seem a little more normal. But our health and safety are still as important as ever. Read on for all the details regarding Covid tests in Israel.

Last updated on March 29, 2022

For a simple way to get a Covid test to your door in Israel, check our Door-to-Door PCR Covid Test which is carried out at the location of your choice anywhere in Israel. Tests are also available at our Covid test center in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem. Rapid Antigen Test can be done in our Covid Test Center in Tel Aviv or you can order a Door to Door Rapid Antigen Test to your address in Tel Aviv.

Who needs a Covid Test when traveling to Israel?

The regulations on who is allowed to travel to Israel are constantly changing. For the updated details on who is allowed to travel to Israel, read COVID-19 Update: Israel Travel Rules & Guidelines.

Currently, a PCR test is necessary upon arrival in Israel in most cases (via airports and land border crossings). All travelers must stay in quarantine until a negative result is received, or up to 24 hours (whichever is earlier). As of mid-April, 2022, a quick test providing results within 4 hours will be available at the airport.

Most airlines and countries require a negative PCR test before departure as well – including at Israel’s land border crossings (i.e. Jordan and Egypt). Continue reading for specific information about the testing regulations for arrival and departure via air and land.

Guide to Covid Tests in Israel

What’s needed to travel to Israel? How to get a Covid Test when arriving in Israel?

  • Since March 1, 2022, Israel has been open to all tourists (including children) regardless of vaccination/ recovery status, provided they have negative tests before flying and after landing.
  • All incoming travelers must carry proof of a negative result of a PCR test carried out in the 72 hours prior to the flight, or Rapid Antigen test within 24 hours before the flight. This is a requirement in order to board the flight or cross over into Israel, unless you have spent less than 72 hours outside of Israel or have recovered from COVID within the past 3 months.
  • A Ministry of Interior entry form must be filled out within the 36 hours before your flight. You should be prepared to show this at check-in or boarding of your flight.
  • Upon arriving in Israel, a PCR test at the airport or border crossing is required. Currently all travelers entering Israel who are required to take PCR tests (see exceptions above) must go into quarantine for 24h or until a negative test result is received. Test results usually arrive in less than 24 hours.
  • PCR tests at the airport can be arranged on the spot or pre-booked (pre-booking should result in a shorter waiting time). They cost 80-100 NIS.
  • A VIP Fast Track service at the airport (from $180 per group) can reduce queues in the terminal both on arrival and departure and make the experience far more relaxed. For those who would prefer to entirely avoid queues and relax in a private lounge with transfers to/from the aircraft by vip car, the Fattal Private Terminal (from $450 per group) can avoid the entire main passenger terminal and by its nature is entirely wait free.
  • Stay updated on flights to Israel for the latest information.

How to get a Covid Test in Israel before leaving Israel?

You must take a COVID Test before traveling to most countries from Israel. Currently, most countries require that this is done 72 hours before flight departure or land border crossing, apart from the USA which requires it to be done on the day of or day before your flight. There are two common types of test – PCR test (accepted by all countries) and Rapid Antigen test (accepted by most countries including most European countries and the USA).

For example, if you travel to Switzerland with a flight departing on Monday at 09:00 (9am) you can do the test any time from the previous Friday at 09:00. If you travel to the USA with a flight departing on Monday at 23:00 (11pm) you can do the test any time on Sunday or Monday, however, bear in mind that tests take time to return the results.

Here are the different options for getting tested along with the easiest ways to do it:

PCR Tests

Also known as molecular tests, this test provides results within 36 hours (for standard test) or 14 hours (for express test). PCR is considered the most accurate test and is accepted by all countries.

  • PCR Covid Test in Tel Aviv – The tests are available at our central location in Tel Aviv every day of the week including weekends. Results are delivered by email in English – for standard speed tests within 36 hours; and for express tests within 14 hours. Cost is from $99 per person. More information.
  • PCR Covid Test in Jerusalem – Our test offers you an easy solution to get tested in central Jerusalem. The tests are available every day including weekends. You will receive the test results in English – for standard speed tests, within within 36 hours, and for express tests within 14 hours. The cost starts from $99 per person. More information.
  • Door-to-door PCR Covid test anywhere in Israel – A representative arrives directly to where you are staying (home or hotel) and delivers the results to your email – for standard speed tests within 36 hours; and for express tests within 12 hours. This option is convenient, and avoiding standing in lines, visiting hospitals, or waiting for results. Cost is from $149 per person. More information

Rapid Antigen Covid Tests:

Also known as lateral flow tests, this test provides results within 15 minutes.

  • Rapid Antigen Test in Tel Aviv – The rapid test is available in our central test center in Tel Aviv from Sunday to Thursday. Results will be ready within 15 minutes and will be sent in English by email. Cost is from $39 per person. More information 
  • Door-to-door Antigen Test in Tel Aviv –  Our representative will arrive at your address in Tel Aviv and the results will be delivered to you by email in English up to 1 hour after the test. Cost is from $99 per person. More information

Serological Tests & Other Options:

  • Test at a hospital or a clinic. This is a private and often complicated process for non Israeli passport holders as many clinics are not able to provide the service to non Israeli citizens, and others are not able to provide the required documentation in English. Cost in a private hospital such as Assuta Medical Centers, is, as of May 2021, approx $220 (750 ILS) for Israeli citizens and $290 (950 ILS) for non-Israeli citizens.
  • PCR test at the Ben Gurion Airport lab. This requires you to go to the airport a day before your flight in order to do the test, and then return again a day later (so factor in an extra two-way airport transfer). Or you can arrive at the airport 7-8 hours before your flight and pay extra for a quick test.
  • Private to-your-door Serological Test. A representative arrives directly to you accommodation and test results will be delivered to your email in English 9h after the test was done (tests made between 7-11 am), or until 4 pm (tests made after 11am) the following day. Another option is to book an appointment at the test center in Lod, near Ben Gurion airport. The cost is from $279 per person.
  • For those who travel from Israel to Jordan by land, and then depart from Jordan, no Covid test is needed to leave Israel, but it might be required to leave Jordan. More info on PCR tests in Jordan is available here.

There are many options for transport to Ben Gurion airport. It is also worth considering using a VIP fast-track service at Ben Gurion Airport when traveling to avoid crowds during the pandemic.

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